March 18, 2015

No  groups,

No programs,

No buildings…

No  kidding!

A one-day workshop with Gail Fanjoy

While owning a home, having a meaningful job, friends and relationships are benchmarks of accomplishment for us all, human service organizations have struggled to realize these concepts on behalf of individuals with disabilities. Gail will demonstrate how KFI has transformed its agency from traditional, center-based services to a progressive community support provider by building person-centered supports one person at a time. Strategies and lessons learned along the way will be disclosed within these stories, demonstrating that communities are welcoming places, filled with caring neighbors, landlords and employers ready and willing to engage themselves with people with disabilities. The audience will be lead through a series of discoveries which might make a difference in any organization.


Gail Fanjoy is CEO of KFI, a non-profit agency which provides supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is a leader in the revolutionary shift in service delivery away from sheltered and segregated services to customized supports for people.



Cost: $90 per person


Held at : The Mattingly Center, Inc.

1520 Baxter Ave

Louisville KY 40205


Lunch will be provided

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Expanding horizons of adults with severe disabilities